A Day at O’Hare

Well, after a few great days in the City of Chicago, our next stop was set for Shannon, Ireland. As fate would have it, that was just not in the cards. We waved good bye to the full plane as it pulled away from the gate. We wandered around O’Hare Airport for a bit before we came up with plan B.


We had a few days to kill before our next destination – China. We decided to rent a car and check out the suburbs southwest of Chicago. We had some good friends who had moved to Streamwood, IL and had offered that if we ever were in town to give them a call. Well, they got the call – we were in town and on our way to their house in 30 minutes – lol!

We discovered some charming quaint little towns along the Fox River. Both had plenty of places you could rent bikes and canoes and lots of trails to explore the beautiful outdoors. In St Charles, The Bike Rack and in Geneva, The Mill Race.


Geneva had such a picturesque setting. Lots of little shops and cafes.


There was the All Chocolate Kitchen, which was so cool with its chocolate tree in the middle of the cafe and life-size chocolate people.


St Charles was a bit smaller yet, but also charming.



We had a yummy lunch at the Fire and Wok, then got an ice cream at the corner ice cream shop and strolled along the Fox River.  Very small town USA!

Now, its back to  O’Hare Airport and try to get to Beijing, China……






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