Breckenridge, Colorado – Epic

Next stop in Colorado was Breckenridge, commonly called Breck. It was only a 20 minute drive away from Silverthorne where we were staying. Breckenridge was discovered in 1859 when they found gold by the river. Its a delightful little historic town that is big on charm. It had a beautiful ski resort, cozy main street, sledding, an ice castle and more.



Breckenridge offers unlimited outdoor activities in a gorgeous setting. The Breck Connect Gondola  goes straight from Main Street to the mountain, making it easy to get to the ski resort. The resort has 187 trails, with over 50% of them being most difficult to expert terrain.  Breckenridge also has the highest chairlift in North America at 12,840 ft.


Its Main Street is filled with cozy little shops and restaurants. We had a great lunch at Empire Burger. Luckily we got there early, as it really filled up quickly.


Then there was the Ice Castle. The kids really wanted to check it out. At first my husband and I thought it would be cheesy, but it turned out to be really remarkable.  As we entered the icicle packed structure, we were in awe.

They had placed colored LED lights inside the ice that gave it a cool glow.

There were caves and igloos that we could crawl into. The igloos were actually larger than they seemed once we got inside.

Definitely an unexpected highlight.

Then it was off to Carter Park for some sledding. Never mind that it was now pouring down snow – no one seemed to mind.

Back in town we saw a statue that honored the 10th Mountain Division of the army that trained during WWII. Cool.

As with all the mountain resorts, Breckenridge will soon be transformed into mountain biking and hiking trails. Some say it is even more beautiful in the summer. Can’t wait to check it out!

If coming from Denver, Breckenridge is an easy 2 hour drive west. Along the way there is a gold mining museum and tour in Idaho Springs. Check out the buffalo and big horn sheep along the way too.



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